Why OMS?

Advantages of partnering with OMS

Individualized service

When OMS is hired for a project, we begin by listening. Our top priority is to understand the needs of the requesting agency and identify ways that our capabilities can meet those needs. We happily customize our services to each individual project or event, and pride ourselves on the flexibility and buildability of our services.

OMS develops a custom-designed marketing and/or communication plan, timeline, and metrics to measure success for each project we undertake. The objectives, process, and outcomes are always directed by the requesting agency.

We know that state agencies operate under a unique responsibility to do more with less and use resources efficiently. Our hourly pricing schedule ensures that partner agencies only pay for the services that they actually need. 

Increased productivity

The Office of Marketing Services is positioned within the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, whose primary mission is marketing. This advantage allows us to support other agencies that are focused on regulation, yet still must communicate a message, persuade an audience, market an initiative, or organize an event. We understand that marketing is a specialized skillset that often falls outside of a particular agency’s core job functions. OMS can handle the tasks that support your agency's mission so that your staff is free to focus on the mission itself.

Improved efficiency

As a state government agency with established private-sector relationships, OMS is able to offer a full menu of innovative marketing services. When OMS is hired to manage a project, our partners gain access to a variety of private-sector relationships that have been pre-screened through enterprise purchasing. Because other agencies can "piggyback" on these existing state marketing contracts, we achieve efficiencies by bundling work under the umbrella of state government rather than bidding out each individual project. 

OMS creates collective strategies when managing multiple projects with private-sector components, identifying the needs of several agencies and then bundling services together or negotiating a price based on volume. By leveraging pieces of businesses together, we achieve price efficiency, increase value, use staff effectively, and save our partners money.

Integrated messaging

Marketing is OMS's full-time job. We are uniquely positioned to use elements of paid media, free press, technology, and events to strengthen individual agencies and the state as a whole. When marketing is coordinated in this way, projects and campaigns across all agencies work together to promote Wisconsin.

As a state government agency, the Office of Marketing Services understands the needs, structures, and constraints of public entities firsthand. We’ve developed a positive reputation among our state government partners based on understanding, trust, and demonstrated results. Our primary objective is to communicate clear, concise, and cohesive messaging as part of a unified, deliberate strategy that reflects the State of Wisconsin's professional image.